Mending the Nation’s Broken Healthcare System

Astrana Health is a physician-centric healthcare delivery and management company that is solving the industry’s toughest challenges, such as cost of care and access to medical treatment. Our value-based model combined with our proprietary technology allows doctors to provide a higher level of care in a cost-effective manner.

Latest Presentation

Astrana Investor Presentation - March 2024

Latest Financial Results


Total revenue of $1,386.7 million, up 21% from $1,144.2 million


Earnings per share - diluted (“EPS - diluted”) of $1.29, up 30% from $0.99 per share


Adjusted EBITDA of $146.6 million, up 5% from $140.0 million

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Latest Annual Filing

For Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2023

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Succeed in Value-based Care

Astrana Health is a leading physician-centric, technology-powered, risk-bearing healthcare company. Leveraging its proprietary end-to-end technology solutions, Astrana Health operates an integrated healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to successfully participate in value-based care arrangements, thus empowering them to deliver high-quality care to patients in a cost-effective manner.

Astrana Health at a Glance


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Managed IPAs/Medical Group



As of September 30, 2023

A Diverse, Reliable Revenue Model

We generate a steady stream of revenue through our integrated operations. Recently, we added two new service offerings, a Commercial EPO and a Commercial ACO.


Q1-Q3 2022  • January 2023 IR Presentation

Astrana Health Revenue FY 2023

Total Revenue

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Risk pool settlements and incentives

Management fee income


Other income

As of Dec 31, 2023 • 2023 10-K

For complete information regarding our financials, see our periodic filings

Managing Members’ Medical Lives via Our Subsidiaries

Astrana Health’s Differentiators

Cutting-edge Platform

Our proprietary innovative platform leverages data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with years of clinical expertise, to address common pain points in healthcare delivery including automated medical claims adjudication.

Our Risk-bearing Model

Through our consolidated IPAs, we take on the full risk of providing care to these patients. In this model, our various healthcare payor partners allocate a certain amount of money per patient to us to meet the patient’s needs. Astrana Health sub-capitates these payments to its contracted physicians, meaning that they are paid the same amount regardless of whether a patient seeks care. However, physicians are eligible to receive additional bonuses if they surpass certain care benchmarks, further aligning financial incentives with efficient and quality care delivery.

Full Spectrum of Care

We are one of the country’s largest population health management companies. We offer a full spectrum of high-quality care through our MSOs, IPAs and ACO.

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